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Corrugated Boxes/ Cartons

We use these cardboard boxes for packing many things such as books, clothes, kitchen utensils, groceries etc

Bubble Sheet Roles

Bubble Sheet Roles are used to pack delicate but bigger things like Mirrors, dressing tables, Wardrobes etc. These sheets are used to prevent the goods from damage during handling and transportation.

Foam Roll

We use different types of Foam rolls when Moving to Intra City for packing your materials such as perforated, non-perforated and anti-static. They are used to pack heavy items as per your requirement.

Corrugated Roll

Corrugated Roll are the most widely used packing material. It is used to pack furniture, and undimensional material.

Stretch Wrap Films

Stretch wrap films are used for sealing purposes. After packing in boxes and cartons these films will ensure that packages are sealed properly.

BOPP Tapes

Bopp tapes are used for sealing purposes.