Helpful tips for labeling your moving boxes

Feb 182018



It is a well-known fact that the House shifting procedure is a very difficult task. To get rid of any kind of chaos and stress, there is a need to do a proper planning in advance. From hiring the team of professionals to packing all the stuff, moving to the new destination, unpacking all the stuff, and shifting them, there are a number of tasks that need to be organized properly so as to relocate to a new destination without any troubles. When it comes to packing all the stuff and belongings, you should not ignore the proper labelling of storage boxes. The labelling of storage boxes is one of the essential tasks that need not be avoided.
Whether you hire packers and movers or not, the tips discussed below would help you to stay away from many troubles that you may face at the time of unpacking.
• Make use of color codes:

To label the boxes flawlessly, the best way is to make use of the color coding system. All you need to do is to pick a color for every room and follow that color code until the last box is labeled. For example, if you have chosen the color green for your bedroom, you need to mark all storage boxes containing belongings of a bedroom with green color.
• Get ready with your labeling tools:
To make the process of relocation hassle-free, you need to be prepared well in advance. When it comes to labeling the boxes, make sure you are all set with the required labeling tools. Following are some of the labeling tools you need to have for the proper labeling of boxes
1. Quality markers:
Avoid buying a cheapest marker that has a bad ink which can fade away within a few days. Make sure to buy a permanent quality marker having a good quality ink. Also, you require to buy a bundle of markers with at least 4 different colors so as to implement the color coding strategy.
2. Labels: Nowadays, it is possible to get the ready-to-print moving box labels from the market or the internet as well. Such labels may have the names of different rooms already printed on them so that you can easily paste them on to the different storage boxes containing belongings of a specific room.
3. Colored tape:
Though you may have a plenty of transparent packing tape available around you, you can make use of colored tape for enhancing the box identification to make it easier for you to find any item after reaching your new home.
• Follow the number method: Another effective way to label the storage boxes is to make use of the traditional number method. By making use of this method, you will be able to save a lot of your time and efforts that are spent on writing down the content of each box on the boxes. To follow the number method, you need to assign a unique number to every packing box and make a list of inventory that would ease the labeling as well as unpacking process for you.


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